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I write about the happy things in life: pets, food, home, family, and gardening. I also cover history, rural life, and horses, and I'm the author of 10 books. Drop me a line at:

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The Open-Pollinated Vegetables Of Tomorrow - Hobby Farms

Plant breeders work with our favorite open-pollinated vegetables to create varieties that are easier to grow and more interesting to look at....

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Alpacas And Llamas: What They Are & Why You Should Keep Them - Hobby Farms

Cousins of the camel, alpacas and llamas are long-necked animals that can add a dose of fiber and fun to your farm....

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Meet The Nightshades - Hobby Farms

You’re likely already growing plants in this crop family—but it never hurts to plant a few more nightshades....

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4 Garden Rules You Can Break This Year - Hobby Farms

Go on, live a little. Your garden will be right there with you no matter what.... BY SAMANTHA JOHNSON

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5 Reasons We Love Muck Boots - Hobby Farms

By Samantha Johnson
Gotta get farm work done? There's one tool you must have no matter what's on the to-do list....

Pick apples 800 article

How To Pick Apples The Correct Way - Hobby Farms

Maximize your apple harvest this year by preventing damage to your apples and the trees they come from. Samantha Johnson and J. Keeler Johnson ......

Farmhouse questions 800 article

5 Questions to Ask When Buying an Old Farmhouse

Rural living—especially in a century farmhouse—has its fair share of challenges. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before making the purchase.
By Samantha Johnson

Nightshades1 800 article

4 Nightshades You Never Thought To Grow

Do you love growing tomatoes and peppers? Then expand your garden to include these plant relatives.
By Samantha Johnson

Bean hidatsa article

6 Must-Grow Heirloom Beans - Hobby Farms

Aug 27, 2014 ... With their beautiful appearances and with storied pasts, these heirloom beans are sure to be noticed in your garden. By Samantha Johnson ......

Involve visitors 800 article

4 Ways Involve Visitors on the Farm- Hobby Farms

A visit from friends or family can mean precious time spent with loved ones—and a little help with farmstead chores.
By Samantha Johnson

Layer ducks 800 article

6 Duck Breeds to Raise for Eggs - Hobby Farms

If you're ready to expand outside the realm of chicken eggs and add other layer poultry to your farm, keep these duck breeds in mind. By Samantha Johnson ......

Barn wagonwheel 800 article

5 New Uses for Old Barn Finds - Hobby Farms

Unearth the junk pile accumulating in your barn and transform the materials into something purposeful for the home or farm. By Samantha Johnson ......

Cast iron histor 800 article

A Brief History of Cast-Iron Cookware - Hobby Farms

Cast iron has held a revered place in household kitchens for centuries. Find out why this historical cookware is seeing a revival. By Samantha Johnson and J....

Cast iron griddle 800 article

4 Cast-Iron Kitchen Accessories

Expand your cast-iron collection with these sturdy, long-lasting cooking essentials, by Samantha Johnson

Preserve pears 800 article

8 Easy Ways to Use Your Pear Harvest - Hobby Farms

About the Author: Samantha Johnson is the author of several books, including The Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening, (Voyageur Press, 2013). She lives ......