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I write about the happy things in life: pets, food, home, family, and gardening. I also cover history, rural life, and horses, and I'm the author of 10 books. Drop me a line at:

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What Does Your Last Name Say About You? – Ancestry Blog

There’s more to learn from your last name than you might initially expect. Deep family history research can provide the full story, but your last name alone holds clues to your past. Here are 5 fascinating things that your father’s last name can tell you about yourself.

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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List - Ancestry Blog

Finding the perfect gift can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve rounded up the hottest gifts of 2016 to make everyone on your list feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Quick tip: An AncestryDNA kit, which over 2.5 million people have taken to reveal their ethnic origins and...

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Charlie Chaplin's Most Touching Film - Ancestry Blog

Charlie Chaplin. The name is synonymous with the earliest Hollywood motion pictures. Everyone recognizes the mustache-sporting, bowler-wearing character that Chaplin so frequently portrayed. But fewer people associate Chaplin with a different description: that of an immigrant. Let’s take a look at Sir Charles Chaplin’s rags-to-riches life and the memorable 1917...

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This is Winter | Country Journal

Poor winter. It has such a bad reputation.

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REAL COWBOYS: Illustrations of the Old West

Oct 24, 2016 ... Illustrator Jonathan Bean shares the story behind the distinctive art in the new children's book, REAL COWBOYS. By Samantha Johnson ......

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12 Fun Facts About Black Horses

There's a reason black horses capture the imaginations of writers, artists, and equestrians. By Samantha Johnson | October 13, 2016. Tweet · Printer Friendly....

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Bed, Bath & Beyond

Your Checklist For Less Stressful Mornings - Above & Beyond

Mornings can bring a whirlwind of activity that generates a lot of stress. This checklist can help reduce the craziness....

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Pick An Apple - Beyond Apple Pie

It’s apple season. And if your farm is home to a small orchard or if you’ve made a recent trip to the local U-pick orchard, it’s quite possible that you have bushels upon bushels of delicious apples that are waiting for you to use....

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The Open-Pollinated Vegetables Of Tomorrow - Hobby Farms

Plant breeders work with our favorite open-pollinated vegetables to create varieties that are easier to grow and more interesting to look at....

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Why I Love Barn Chores

Aug 9, 2016 ... Why I Love Barn Chores. The daily rhythm of caring for horses can be oddly comforting in an unpredictable world. By Samantha Johnson ......

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Can You Bee-lieve It?

Here’s something interesting about honey bees: They are one of the few "crops" that can simply vanish when you’re not looking. How do I know this?...

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5 Extra Things to Add to Your Foaling Kit

... Things to Add to Your Foaling Kit. Be ready for your foal's arrival with some items you might not have thought of yet. By Samantha Johnson | August 24, 2016  ......

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How Wisconsin State Fair cream puffs became créme de la créme

By Samantha Johnson
You’ll have to wait until Thursday to take a bite of a Wisconsin State Fair cream puff, but in the meantime, sink your teeth into some cream puff history....

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Alpacas And Llamas: What They Are & Why You Should Keep Them - Hobby Farms

Cousins of the camel, alpacas and llamas are long-necked animals that can add a dose of fiber and fun to your farm....