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I write about the happy things in life: pets, food, home, family, and gardening. I also cover history, rural life, and horses, and I'm the author of 10 books. Drop me a line at:

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Car Games for Kids - Daily Parent

By Samantha Johnson in: Crafts and Games | Family | Featured Article | Travel. Minimize backseat boredom with classic car games. car-games-for-kids....

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Summer Housekeeping Tips for Parents - Daily Parent

By Samantha Johnson in: Arts and Education | Growth and Development | Health and Safety. How to keep the house clean while kids are out of school....

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How to Involve Children in Everyday Errands

By Samantha Johnson in: Family
Incorporate learning to make daily tasks more meaningful

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Tips for Teaching Kids Good Behavior - Daily Parent

By Samantha Johnson in: Arts and Education | Behavior and Discipline | Growth and Development. Simple ways to encourage good behavior and discourage ......

Kids at summer day camp1 article

How to Pick the Perfect Day Camp - Daily Parent By Samantha Johnson. Share on Facebook (Opens in new window) · Click to share on Twitter ......