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I write about the happy things in life: pets, food, home, family, and gardening. I also cover history, rural life, and horses, and I'm the author of 10 books. Drop me a line at:

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Chocolate chip cookies article
American Profile Magazine

Chipping In: The Iconic Nestlé Morsel - American Profile

... Nestlé Morsel. Food, History, Recipes. chipping-in-the-iconic-nestle-morsel/. By Samantha Johnson on November 17, 2014....

Popcorn article
American Profile Magazine

Popcorn: A 'Pop'ular American Snack - American Profile

by Samantha Johnson September 29, 2014. Explore the history of popcorn, one of America's favorite snacks. Popcorn: A 'Pop'ular American Snack. Thinkstock....

Scarecrows article
American Profile Magazine

How to Make Your Own Scary Scarecrow

by Samantha Johnson
October 6, 2014
Expert advice for designing your own scary scarecrow.

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American Profile Magazine

Helping Your Children Cope with a Pet's Death

4 steps to make the loss and grieving process easier for parent and child, by Samantha Johnson

Open uri20131025 22922 tjpiz8 article
American Profile Magazine

The 10 Best Fall Hikes in America - American Profile

Featured Article,On the Road,Seasonal,Travel Destin...

Open uri20131001 30417 1ninmcn article
American Profile Magazine

Why Do Sulfates Make Hair Color Fade? - American Profile

Sep 19, 2013 ... Featured Article,Trivia. hair-color-fade/. by Samantha Johnson September 19, 2013....

Open uri20131001 17538 1wp08bg article
American Profile Magazine

What Makes People Yawn?

Featured Article,Trivia by Samantha Johnson Septemb...

American Profile Magazine

Test-Taking Tips for Kids

How to help your child avoid anxiety before and during a test

Open uri20130210 20344 rv8l0m article
American Profile Magazine

Car Games for Kids – American Profile

American Profile Magazine

Why It’s Never Too Late to Improve a Dog’s Behavior – American Profile

Training tips to improve behavior in dogs of any age
Most people know that puppies need guidance and training to curb unwanted behavior and learn important commands. Unfortunately, many dog owners ove...

Open uri20131001 30417 1hve0fm article
American Profile Magazine

Why Does Water Make Your Skin Wrinkle? - American Profile

Sep 12, 2013 ... Featured Article,Trivia. your-skin-wrinkle/. by Samantha Johnson September 12, 2013....

American Profile Magazine

Traveling with Pets: How to Eliminate Stress – American Profile

Three simple steps to having fun traveling with Fido
When Cheryl Sturtevant of Sarasota, Fla., hits the road for her annual trip north for the summer, she doesn’t consider leaving Teddy—her long-haire...