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I write about the happy things in life: pets, food, home, family, and gardening. I also cover history, rural life, and horses, and I'm the author of 10 books. Drop me a line at:

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This is Winter | Country Journal

Poor winter. It has such a bad reputation.

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Pick An Apple - Beyond Apple Pie

It’s apple season. And if your farm is home to a small orchard or if you’ve made a recent trip to the local U-pick orchard, it’s quite possible that you have bushels upon bushels of delicious apples that are waiting for you to use....

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Can You Bee-lieve It?

Here’s something interesting about honey bees: They are one of the few "crops" that can simply vanish when you’re not looking. How do I know this?...

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What To Read This Summer

 By Samantha Johnson  
I always want to read in the summertime....

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Six Ways To Keep Your Farm Dog Cool This Summer

 By Samantha Johnson...

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Something To Crow About

Larry, Darryl, and Darryl are back. I suppose this would be an opportune moment to explain that Larry, Darryl, and Darryl are crows.

AcreageLife - Acreage Living BY SAMANTHA JOHNSON

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Fifteen Minutes

   By Samantha Johnson  Fifteen minutes is a very long time. Or a very short time. It just depends on the situation....

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A Celebration Of Seed Catalogs

By Samantha Johnson...
My desk is home to a lot of things: to-do lists, magazines, pencils, candy wrappers (where did those come from?), USB drives, and—at this time of year—seed catalogs. Lots of them.

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Getting Started with Honey Bees

Finding out what the buzz is about By Samantha Johnson...

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Courting Corgis

All about this captivating canine By Samantha JohnsonImages by Daniel Johnson...

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10 Reasons We Love the County Fair

The best of the summer season Story by Samantha JohnsonImages by Daniel Johnson...

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Nut Trees: Can you grow this source of healthy fat? |

Nut Trees: Can you grow this source of healthy fat? By Samantha Johnson and J. Keeler Johnson

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The British Invasion

A Look at five British pig breeds...

Planning Your Honey Harvest - The latest buzz on harvesting honey

When August arrives, the hay is stored in the barn, the garden is at the peak of its vegetable-producing glory, and the time has come for beekeepers to harvest the year's crop of honey.  ...